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Recent News


  • Welcome to Dr. Roman Ellerbrock who joins the group as a postdoctoral scholar.
  • Sofia successfully defends her PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Izmailov!


  • Congratulations to Dr. Jan Meisner who has been awarded a DFG Research Fellowship.


  • Dr. Umberto Raucci joins the group as a postdoctoral scholar. Welcome Umberto!


  • Dr. Edward Hohenstein is on leave from CCNY for the next year and joins the group as Senior Staff Scientist at SLAC.
  • Yao Zhao visits the group from CCNY as a Visiting Student Researcher.



  • The Martinez group has several postdoctoral openings. While we do a broad range of research in traditional theoretical chemistry, a couple of our projects have developed a life of their own and require specialist development.
  • Dr. Sergey Varganov visits the group from University of Nevada, Reno, as a Visiting Scholar.
  • Dr. Jan Meisner and Dr. Christoph Bannwarth join the group as postdoctoral scholars. Welcome Jan and Christoph!